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Us vs the other guys

Published June 2nd, 2018 by Crystalpooladmin

So what sets CVP apart from the other companies out there?  Well, we take a keep it real approach to running CVP.   If you need it, we sell it / fix it, if you DONT NEED it we don’t touch it!!!  We do NOT yes sir no sir yes ma’am no ma’am you to death.  We are friendly but STERN when we need to be.   We are NOT afraid to tell  a customer they are WRONG when they ARE!!!!   Also,  when we quote you a price for an opening,  a FIRST TIME VAC IS INCLUDED!!!!   So before you say to us “your price is too high” ASK US WHATS INCLUDED!!!  Got questions?  ASK US!!!  Remember,  we KEEP IT REAL!!!   ????????????.  Enjoy those pools!!!  

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