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Fun Fact: exercise & using your noodle!

Published July 19th, 2016 by Test

don't like spending alot of time sweating during a cardio workout in the heat ? well, get on your swim trunks or swim suit and hop in the pool. here are some fun facts on some calorie burning exercises in the pool.

breaststroke burns 585 calories per hour

backstroke burns 540 calories per hour

butterflies burn 784 calores per hour

lap swimming burns 476 calories per hour

also you can have fun with a pool noodle like i do sometimes: sit on the noodle and you can use your arms like paddles at your sides to move yourself forward, working your arms. you can also do the same thing and just use your feet to paddle yourself forward, working your legs. Put the noodle under your arms leaning back onto the noodle(so you stay afloat) and kick your legs moving you backwards, which works your legs. Those are just some fun little noodle things i like to do.

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