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  • Nov 6


    Stayed up till midnight to get the newsletters done, printed & ready to mail tomorrow 

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  • Oct 9


    Please keep in mind that when we send out an invoice, if payment is not received within 1 week, a reminder will be sent out. We are a normal bill, however, ...

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  • Oct 5

    October newsletter

    The October newsletters have been mailed out today! There is a party invite in there, since Hamburg decided to cancel the annual King Frost Parade, we are still having our ...

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  • Aug 29


    The September newsletters have gone out! Its that time of the season where you want to start booking your closings. We are monitoring the weather, as you dont wanna close ...

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  • Aug 21

    Service Report reminders

    Since we have access to put our own notes in the service reports, that is where we will be letting you know upcoming chemicals you may need or any special ...

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